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Man Loses Leg, Not Hope, After Truck Crash

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A 45-year-old North Carolina man is recovering from a tragic truck accident that cost him a leg and caused several other severe injuries. The man was struck by an oncoming tractor-trailer in late January as he was working on a fence line in Wayne County. It is not clear whether the man intends to file a civil suit in connection with his injuries.

Authorities report that the 61-year-old truck driver was not injured in the collision. He has been charged with failure to maintain control. It appears that the truck driver swerved to avoid hitting another vehicle, a move that sent him careening off the roadway and into the unsuspecting victim.

The victim's wife happened to be driving by the area at the time of the collision; she immediately rushed to the aid of the truck driver, not realizing that her husband had been working nearby. Other Good Samaritans found her husband beneath the trailer, his legs mangled and bleeding heavily. The man's wife and other helpers fashioned tourniquets to slow the bleeding while contacting emergency responders.

The man has undergone a series of surgeries to repair seven fractures in his remaining leg. His left leg was fitted with a steel rod to hold it together. The victim also suffered back and head trauma as a result of the accident, and he is expected to undergo another series of surgeries in the near future.

This victim could consider recovering financial compensation from the trucking company, Guy Shavender Trucking, Inc., located in Pantego. In this case, the victim could sue both the driver and his employer, allowing him to recover more funds for his medical procedures. He may choose to seek financial compensation to pay for his extensive medical bills, along with pain and suffering, emotional distress, and maiming or disfigurement. This man should consult a personal injury attorney to help him understand his rights and responsibilities under the law.

Source:, "Dudley man loses leg, not faith after 18-wheeler crash" Renee Chou, Apr. 30, 2013

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