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What is a Truck's "No-Zone?"

red tractor-trailer driving down rural road

According to the North Carolina Department of Transportation’s 2020 motor vehicle crash report, over 10,000 trucks were involved in accidents, with 122 being involved in fatal crashes and more than 1,300 trucks crashing in an accident resulting in injury. Trucking accidents often result in catastrophic injuries or even death due to commercial trucks' large size and weight. Because of the size of the truck, there are certain blind spots that a car does not want to be near called the “no-zones.”

Front “No-Zone”

Tractor-trailers are much larger and taller than standard passenger vehicles. Because of this, a trucker may not be able to see you if you are directly in front of it. Trucks take longer to stop than smaller vehicles, so if you are in the front no-zone and the truck driver needs to brake suddenly, you could be rear-ended.

Side “No-Zones”

Large trucks have large blind spots around the sides of the cab. If you can't see the truck driver in his side mirror, they cannot see you. That is why it is so dangerous to ride in a car alongside a truck in the side no-zones. Unfortunately, many drivers do not realize how large these blind spots are, and they make the mistake of pulling alongside a truck and then cutting in front of it. If the truck driver does not see the car in time, they could easily sideswipe it.

Rear “No-Zones”

Trucks do not have a rear-view mirror, relying solely on their many side mirrors. There is an area directly behind the truck that acts as a 200 foot blind spot. This area is especially dangerous for the passenger vehicle because it limits their visibility and decreases their reaction time should the truck need to brake.

How to Avoid Blindspots

To avoid a tractor-trailer's blind spots, always stay visible to the truck driver. When you are alongside a truck, remember that the driver may not be able to see you in their side mirrors. It is important to signal when you are changing lanes and to give yourself plenty of space when passing.

You should also avoid driving in a tractor-trailer's blind spot when they are turning. If you must cross an intersection while a truck is turning, make sure to give them plenty of space and time to complete the turn. By following these simple tips, you can help to avoid accidents and keep yourself safe on the road.

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