Support Programs for Children with Cerebral Palsy

Smiling child with CP at Daycare

Raising a child with cerebral palsy (CP) isn’t easy. A life care plan can cost tens of millions of dollars depending on the severity of the condition. Even after a successful medical malpractice case, some families may struggle emotionally and financially to provide their child with a comfortable standard of living. That’s why it’s important for parents to know some of the assistance programs available for children with cerebral palsy.

Support Groups

Parents should consider talking to others experienced in raising a child with CP as well as adults with the condition. Over the past decade, there’s been a huge increase in the number of support groups for parents of children with disabilities.

These groups, like United Cerebral Palsy and The Arc, are connecting families like never before, helping parents meet and introduce their children to others with the same condition. Similarly, online support groups and Facebook pages are keeping parents connected online without the anxieties of attending a meeting in person.

Educational Assistance

Children with CP may have cognitive impairments that make it more difficult to learn and retain information. Parents should make an educational plan for their child before they reach school-age. It’s important to evaluate all the schools in the area to determine which one has the best special needs program.

Parents should also consider speaking to the Department of Education about an Individuals With Disabilities grant. These grants are meant to provide support to special-needs children at a very early age, preparing them for preschool and kindergarten.

Child Social Security Income

When a child is impacted by a permanent disability, such as cerebral palsy, parents can apply for Child Social Security Income (Child SSI). This program provides parents with a monthly income that can be used to pay medical bills, meet the child’s needs, and ensure they are comfortable in their home.

While Child SSI can be life-changing for parents, obtaining it isn’t easy. It requires extensive documentation and a lengthy application process. Parents looking to apply for Child SSI should consult the Social Security Administration.

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