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My Baby Got a Brain Injury at Birth - What Now?


Diagnosing a Brain Injury

While brain injuries during birth aren't entirely common, they are still very serious and must be closely monitored when they occur. If your baby developed a brain injury at birth, it likely came from one or more of these factors:

  • Lack of oxygen during the birthing process or late in the pregnancy
  • Head trauma during birth from pressure or external forces
  • Congenital disorders like spina bifida, Down syndrome, heart disease, etc.

However, brain injuries are not always easy to diagnose right away, and only certain injuries can show physical symptoms. Among these include seizures, misshapen spine or head, and lack of eye movement. Other injuries may become more apparent as the baby continues to develop.

More common symptoms that you may be more familiar with include:

  • Issues with feeding
  • Severe behavioral problems and abnormal temper
  • Child is unable to lift own head by six months
  • Crying with an arched back
  • Missing other common milestones in development

Treating an Infant Brain Injury

Finding out that your baby is suffering from a brain injury can be stressful for you and life-threatening for them if not treated properly. If you believe that your child suffered a brain injury at birth and is beginning to show symptoms, contact a physician right away. They may be able to diagnose and treat the problems your baby may be having. Some treatment options they may present to you are:

  • Surgery: This is primarily used when the injury is caused by severe head trauma accompanied by a skull fracture or internal bleeding, both of which could have been directly caused by the delivery process.
  • Medication: Brain injuries are known to cause higher risks of epilepsy down the line, so if your baby is already suffering from seizures because of this, the doctor may prescribe anti-seizure medicine.
  • Occupational, Physical, or Speech Therapy: Having a brain injury at such a young age can make it more difficult for children to develop their cognitive and motor functions at a normal pace. Occupational, Physical, or Speech therapists may help them learn necessary motor skills or overcome learning difficulties.

How Our North Carolina Injury Attorneys Can Help

As a parent, your biggest priority is keeping your child safe and healthy. As attorneys, our goal is to help you achieve that and protect your rights to do so. If your infant is suffering from a brain injury that occurred during the birthing process, you may be entitled to compensation. Contact our North Carolina birth injury attorneys by calling (866) 380-2281 to schedule a consultation.

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