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Treating Cerebral Palsy

Happy child with cerebral palsy

There is no cure for cerebral palsy (CP). Damage to a child’s brain is irreversible and will result in a lifetime of struggles. However, people with cerebral palsy have greater independence today than at any time in history thanks to advances in medical therapy, caregiving, and social assistance programs.

While cerebral palsy is devastating, it is not the end. When parents understand treatment options for cerebral palsy, they give their children the best possible chance at a happy life.

Physical Therapy

Almost every case of CP has some form of muscular rigidity. Physical therapy seeks to improve flexibility, increase range of motion, build strength, and reduce pain. Over time, this can help a child with cerebral palsy conquer basic manipulation tasks like self-feeding.

Assistive Technology

Modern technological advancements are giving children with CP greater mobility and speech options than ever before. Motorized wheelchairs help people unable to push their own wheels. Similarly, some wheelchairs are designed to conform to the child’s unique posture, positively impacting their comfort and happiness.

Speech Therapy

Children with severe CP may also use “voice output communication aids” (VOCAs). These devices help children vocalize their thoughts with options from a tablet-like device.

Other children may benefit from traditional speech therapy. A trained speech specialist can help children with CP develop a wide range of communication skills and exercise greater control in breathing and swallowing.

Occupational Therapy

Many parents worry how a child with CP will live as an adult. Occupational therapy addresses those concerns. With the help of a specialist, people with CP learn how to establish a sense of independence through tasks like cooking, cleaning, and self-dressing.

Speak to an Attorney

Cerebral palsy treatment can be expensive, especially when considering assistive technology. No one should have to bear those expenses out of pocket, especially when the injury is the result of medical negligence. An experienced birth injury attorney can refer families to cerebral palsy specialists and fight for the compensation they need to care for their child.

If your child suffered a severe birth injury, we will listen. If you’d like an experienced North Carolina birth injury attorney from Daniel, Holoman & Associates LLP to evaluate your case, please send us an email or call (866) 380-2281.