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Richmond Pines Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center: NC Special Focus Facility

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Richmond Pines nursing home in Hamlet, North Carolina was ranked by Medicare as the worst nursing home in North Carolina as of September 1, 2018, based on the ranking system for The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS). Due to serious deficiencies that have the potential for hurting patients, the facility was placed on CMS' Special Focus Facilities List, which means it has a limited amount of time to improve its quality of care before CMS imposes serious consequences, such as terminating the nursing home from participating in Medicare and Medicaid permanently. As a result of an inspection that found one patient outside unaccompanied, and another trapped between the mattress and footboard of a bed, the facility has already been terminated from reimbursements from Medicare and Medicare. 

Richmond Pines Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center was rated as a 1 star facility overall, receiving only one star in all aspects of the inspection (health inspection, quality measures, staffing rating, and RN staffing rating) in 2018. A one star rating is considered "much below average" according to CMS, and means that the facility has serious issues that can endanger residents. Examples of those issues in the health inspection at Richmond Pines include failing to change a soiled resident, failing to maintain basic resident hygiene, failing to prevent pressure sores, failing to treat pressure sores, failing to implement fall risk interventions resulting in multiple injuries to multiple residents, failing to provide a certified dietary manager, allowing resident-on-resident abuse, overmedicating residents, and failing to outline a proper plan of care, among other deficiencies. Richmond Pines also failed to monitor a known wanderer with a history of inappropriate sexual behavior, resulting in a sexual assault on an incapacitated resident. See the most recent inspection results here, and the results of the most recent complaint inspection here.

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