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Surgical Errors Can Cause Serious Damage

When people in North Carolina go to the hospital, they may hesitate to even think about the danger of a surgical error or another serious medical mistake. Surgery on the wrong part of the body, incorrect medical procedures or procedures intended for other patients are some of the most serious types of medical errors that can happen in a health care facility. No such mistakes should ever take place.

While many types of surgical errors could occur in the operating room, wrong-site surgery can be among the most dangerous. In such cases, an unnecessary or harmful procedure takes place while the ongoing medical issue receives no treatment. For example, one patient studied by researchers received heart surgery that was actually scheduled for another patient with a similar surname. These incidents are rare; however, the rate is higher when errors that take place in a non-surgical context are included.

Hospitals may take different steps in order to improve patient safety and prevent these types of dangerous errors. For example, surgeons may take care to specifically mark the surgery location in order to present another level of verification of their actions. A surgical timeout, in which all personnel communicate before beginning a surgery, can also help to improve communication and prevent accidents.

Patients who have experienced a surgical error or other types of hospital negligence may suffer greatly as a result. When an individual suffers a worsened medical condition as the result of a doctor's actions, they can consult with a medical malpractice attorney. A lawyer can review their case and provide guidance about the potential to move forward and seek compensation for the damages done.


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