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Dancing Doctor Sued by at Least Seven Women

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People in North Carolina might be interested in learning about a Georgia doctor who is being sued by seven women for medical malpractice. The doctor, a dermatologist, posted several videos of herself dancing and singing while standing over her patients when they were sedated.

The seven women filed lawsuits against the doctor after their cosmetic procedures went badly. One woman who initially went to the doctor to get Botox before her wedding in 2016 was convinced to undergo several additional procedures, including liposuction and several others. During the woman's surgery, she went into cardiac arrest. It took the doctor 30 minutes to close the woman's abdomen before she could be transported to the hospital. The woman suffered a severe brain injury and now has to be fed with a feeding tube. Her wedding was canceled.

Other women were told that they would receive laser liposuction but found out that they had gotten traditional liposuction after they suffered complications. The lawyers for the different women said that the doctor had housekeepers clean her surgery room and lied about the qualifications of the staff who were present for surgery. Despite all of the problems, the doctor is still practicing medicine and has not lost her license.

The doctor is accused of several different types of malpractice, including surgical errors, improper sanitization procedures and others. While the cases against the doctor may be particularly egregious, many people suffer serious injuries because of medical malpractice every year. Individuals who have been harmed by the negligence of their doctors or other medical professionals might benefit by consulting with experienced medical malpractice attorneys. Lawyers may be able to help the victims to recover compensation.

Source: The Washington Post, "A doctor who rapped and danced during plastic surgeries was negligent, lawsuits say," Amy B. Wang, June 5, 2018

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