When Shoulder Dystocia Isn't Addressed Properly

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The delivery of a child doesn't always go as planned. Sometimes, complications arise in relation to a delivery. One complication that sometimes comes up during the delivery of a child is shoulder dystocia. See our shoulder dystocia page for information on this delivery complication. 

As with any delivery complication, it can be very important for the medical professionals involved with the delivery to respond properly when shoulder dystocia arises during a delivery. When medical professionals act in an improper manner in response to this delivery complication, great harm can occur. 

For one, the birth mother could end up suffering injuries. Negligence in relation to shoulder dystocia could also lead to the child that was delivered developing erb's palsy or other birth injuries.

When a birth mother and/or her child is hurt as a result of medical negligence related to shoulder dystocia, the birth mother may be very concerned about her and her child's future. Such a mother may be worried about what long-term effects the injuries will have and whether she and her family will be able to afford the treatment for the injuries.

In such a difficult time, it can be important for a birth mother to have skilled legal help to assist with helping make clear what options are available.

Our firm understands how frightening it can be for a birth mother when she or her child ends up suffering injuries in relation to shoulder dystocia during a delivery, and we are dedicated to providing strong and caring representation to our shoulder dystocia clients.

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